Monday, March 10, 2014

Exercise faith 3/9/14

Hello everyone! 

First things first..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! You are going to be the best looking 50 year old in the whole world! I can't believe that you are turning 50. 40 means over the hill so I guess 50 is starting to put one leg in the grave. Haha just kidding. Love you mom! 

This week was a pretty rough week. All of our investigators we have were found through tracting... And so the people that are found through tracting usually don't end up being as strong or solid of investigators and so basically we had to end up dropping a lot of investigators because they weren't progressing. It is really hard to help people to make those really big moments in their life: like praying about the Book of Mormon, coming to church, and exercising their faith to accept a baptismal date. I can't force those people to accept or keep commitments and it breaks my heart when people can't see the blessings that the gospel will bring them.

I read an interesting Q&A from President Packer from way back when and he talked about how he had a problem and he just could not find a solution to his problem so he went and spoke with one of the members of the First Presidency and (I think it was the Prophet, I can't remember) and he gave Elder Packer his advice and Elder Packer just did not think it was possible to follow the course of action as advised. So he went and spoke with another member of the Quorum of the Twelve and he told Elder Packer something like this, "Your problem is that you want to see everything clearly, when in reality, the Lord only lets us see a few feet ahead of us and then requires us to exercise our faith and walk into the dark and wait for Him to light the way." 

I love that thought! Really that is where we are in life. I can never see what is going to happen in my life. I have where I come from, I know where I want to go at the end of my life, but that in between stage is pretty dark. I think that applies to our investigators as well. If they would just exercise their faith, the Lord would bless them with greater light and knowledge to take them a few steps closer to His kingdom. 

Needless to say, we spent a significant amount of time finding (more tracting..) haha and that turned out to be not so successful. I know the Lord will bless us in His time, but sometimes it is hard to wait.. Haha I just want it to all happen now! We have to tract because the members don't give referrals. I say that because they literally will not give us anything. So that's why we waste our time tracting. 

But I love being a missionary. It's pretty good. I had a dream that Mitch got his mission call and he was going to Washington state. So fingers crossed Mom! 

Love you!

Elder Head

Ps. Happy late Birthday wish to Sophie :)

Mission Conference with Elders Holland, Funk and Hallstrom

Elder Head has worn out several pairs of shoes :)
The apartment has bunk beds now! The mattresses look so comfy :)

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