Monday, April 7, 2014

Transfers - Busy week 4-7-14

Hello everyone!! 

I'm sorry Mom and Dad that I haven't been able to email very early the last few weeks... We have been CRAZY busy. 

Today was the transfer day and so I went from my apartment in 1st branch and made the LONG trek on over to the 2nd Branch apartment. Haha it was like a 15 minute cab ride and then right after dropping our stuff at the apartment, we went and immediately started taking missionaries to the airport for their transfers. At 7:30 we took one missionary and then came back and picked up two more at 11:30, then we picked up 3 sisters at 12:45 and then we have to go back to the airport at 7 to pick up the last sister... It really has been a crazy day! I'm like super tired now... 

Other than that, the week was really long. Monday and Tuesday we were in Bangalore (Elder George and I) for MLC. It was really refreshing to be able to be with President Berrett and the other Zone Leaders to discuss the affairs of the mission and what not... I really felt the Spirit. We had a really cool experience too. We were deciding on what the training plan would be for the month of April and we discussed some things and then together we knelt down in the room and said a prayer to receive the revelation that we needed to proceed with the plan. After the prayer, President Berrett asked each of us what we thought it should be and each of us said prayer. Sometimes we had a small variation between the two, but prayer was always the main theme for all 30 of us. It was really cool.

Wednesday through Sunday we were preparing and getting ready for the transfer because we have to clean our apartment really well because the Sister missionaries are coming and living in our apartment... It was crazy. We spent collective 16 hours. It looks AMAZING though! Other than that, not too much happened. It was a really boring week.

I'm happy to hear about Mitch getting his stuff ready for his mission! I'm stoked for him. Good boy.

I love you all!! 

Have a great week!

Elder Head

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