Monday, May 6, 2013

Incredibly Hot in Hyderabad....missionary work & the temperature :)

Hello everyone!
This week was a really good week! One of the most productive and a week with some of the highest numbers that I have had in my time here in Hyderabad! We were able to have 4 people at church and 4 people with a baptism date set for May 19th, so we are hoping that things will turn out and that they will be able and ready to be baptized on that day! We have some work to do to help them to prepare, but this is the missionary work that we love to do!
We worked really hard this week, It has been kind of hard though because India is incredibly hot!! It was so hot that I thought I was going to die! It's going to stay this hot until at least the second week of June.....Pray for me!!
Things in my district are going well! We are finding people to teach now, setting baptism dates, doing all we can to work hard and be obedient! It is an awesome feeling to have success and the Lord is definitely blessing us! 
Nothing really cool happened this I really don't have much else to say, but I am really happy that I get to serve in this mission! I feel lucky and honored that I was called to serve here and the Lord saw enough potential in me to send me to the greatest mission in the world! I love being a missionary!
Thanks for all the love and support!
Elder Head must be really hot there as every sentence ended in an exclamation point!!! Here's a few photos. We hope that Ryan does survive the HOT temperatures :)

Naan preparation!! 

This must be the "just keep swimming" building!

Hyderabad traffic....yikes

Elder Head is working so hard his bag needs repairing.....

You bite buy it??

Elder Head and Justesen doing the work!

I am sure this picture is for Grandma Cheryl and Great Grandma Alice as they absolutely love mice and rats ;)    ewwww!!

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