Monday, November 4, 2013

Big News this week :)

Hello everyone! 
Big news this week!! Probably the most unexpected and crazy news of my mission haha.. 
I got transferred to a new area....... AS A ZONE LEADER. 
Hahaha it was so funny because this isn't even my mission, I don't speak the native language, and I'm still considered "new" in this mission. It was a really funny way that it happened too. Sunday was fast Sunday and it was super hot here and way humid and we worked like dogs all day and so I was just beat. We had a dinner appointment with a family and then went home and planned. I was just beat so I wrote in my journal and then went upstairs to take a shower and right as I was soaping up, all the Elder's in my house ran upstairs saying that President Revillo was on the phone and wanted to speak to me. I thought for sure that my visa had come and that I would be going back and then he told me that the Lord wanted me to serve as a Zone Leader. It was so crazy. I could hardly believe it. 
I feel really blessed though. I feel like the Lord really does know me and my heart. I never wanted to be a Zone Leader -- especially not here... But I know that the Lord has His hand in all things. I will do whatever He wants me to do. I just hope that I can pull it all together and be somewhat effective as a ZL. 
Other than that, the week was pretty average. There was a lot of drama in the ward with other missionaries in a different zone, so that made it a really interesting and long week. But we all knew transfers were coming up so it wasn't too bad. I will be going to an area called Sumulong. My companion here in Antipolo just served in that same ward (different area) but says it is an awesome ward and they speak pretty good English. I'm so happy!!! :) Haha I can actually do things now and be effective! (hopefully) 
I'm so grateful for missionary work and everything that it makes me. 
Love you all! 
Elder Head

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