Monday, January 13, 2014

A pretty good week in Visak - 1/12/14

Hello everyone!! 
This week was a pretty good week! There were transfers this week, but no one in our house was transferred so it is just me and Elder Sharma and Elder Aydelott and Elder Willis. Four Americans in one house. It's pretty good I guess. In other news, my trainer, Elder Vaiphei, finished his mission this week and is returning home to Delhi. He is the only Church member from where he is from, so he is looking to baptize his family and get the Church started and established in his home tow. Pretty cool stuff! 

This week was a pretty good week. I heard from some of the members in my last area in the Philippines that four of the investigators that we taught got baptized! So that is pretty exciting news! They were all really good and so that makes me really happy. Two of them are about mission age and both are hoping that a year from now they can also serve missions. It is so cool to see the Lord's hand in the work that goes on here. 

Other than that, we have a few investigators that are progressing. One of them, his name is Ravi. He is 16 and he is studying in what would be in the U.S. his junior year of high school. He is really really smart. He speaks almost perfect English. His father passed away while he was a kid and so he studies everyday, goes to school, and then he goes to work from 5 to 11. Then Saturday and Sunday he also works from 11 to 11. He is the busiest kid I have ever met. He makes only 2400 rupees per month. In the U.S. at the rate he is getting paid, would be making 40 times more for the hours that he works than he does here. It's amazing. He has incredible faith and I'm honored to teach him. Oh and we tracted into him which is like the 4th investigator I have ever found tracting. 

Things here are good. Slow, but good. We continue to work in all diligence. That is the key. Working through trials may be one of the hardest things that we have to do, but that is when real growth comes. As we come to understand the Lord, His purposes and works, the Plan of Salvation, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, working through the trials means everything. I'm grateful for all I've learned on my mission and will continue to learn. 


Elder Head

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