Monday, January 6, 2014

Visakhaptnam 1-5-14

Hello everyone! 
Happy New Year? 
I can't believe that it is already 2014! 2013 went by way too fast! I was thinking about how this time last year I was in Hyderabad with Elder Nepali.. This year for New Year's was a little bit more fun because I like all the guys that I live with. Not that I didn't like my housemates last year, but there are 4 Americans living in one apartment and so it was pretty fun to just hang out. We were disobedient and stayed up until midnight... But it was my last New Year's in India and we wanted to celebrate in style! We ordered two pizza's from Pizza Hut and drank something called Appy Fizz. It's like Sparkling Cider, but not as fancy. So it was a pretty normal New Year's I guess! 

How was everyone else's? Did you do anything exciting or fun? I bet it might have been a little bit more interesting than mine, but it was still good! 

This week was a pretty standard week. We worked really hard and we have been trying to find some new investigators. We visited all the members, try to find those less-active or inactive members, tract, and do all kinds of different things to find new investigators.... And nothing works. Haha we did find a few potentials and we met one of them this week, but they don't really seem super interested, but we will keep working and try to help them. We also found this REALLY good potential family. They are Hindu, but like Jesus Christ and have been praying to Him and want to be baptized, so we set an appointment and then we went there on Sunday, but they said they wouldn't meet with us because they were painting..... :( 

It was really frustrating. Haha I was so stoked to finally find some investigators and they would progress and the members would see that we are serious and working hard then they would give us referrals and things would start to move along. However, it just wasn't that day. I love how sometimes the Lord humbles us. It is hard to take and sometimes I want to ask "why?" But I know that it is the Lord's plan. It is His work. He is in charge. I'm just along for the ride. I hope and pray that I might be able to continue on in the work, through the good and the bad. I'm grateful for the Atonement. It puts everything into perspective that Jesus Christ knows EXACTLY what I'm going through right now. He knows all of the ups and all the downs. That is comforting to me. 

The work continues here in Vizag 1st Branch. Slowly, but surely it progresses. 

Love you! 

Elder Head

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