Monday, February 3, 2014

Jam-packed week of missionary work!!

Hello everyone! 
This was a pretty good week! It was definitely challenging and frustrating all rolled up into one jam-packed week of missionary action! Haha really though it was a pretty good week.

The Zone Leaders here in Visakhapatnam zone received some revelation as to how they can help our zone to progress and become more effective and also have more work. They called their idea Finding Week. The whole focus of the week was to hit our key indicator for finding new investigators. Our key indicator is 8 new investigators. That is a pretty high goal, but I really felt like we could achieve it. It was something that we definitely needed because we were desperately in need of finding new investigators. 

The week started off pretty rough. Our members were all busy with stuff this week and things were looking pretty bleak, but we found two new investigators on Tuesday through a part-member family and her friend. Then we didn't find any new investigators until Saturday night, where we contacted an investigator referral. We were up to 3 and Sunday wasn't looking too hot. 

However, Saturday during the day I was able to knock on a few doors (and drag my companion along with me) and we set two appointments for Sunday. So after church I took a member and my companion took a member to meet all the appointments we had set. I visited those two families, one asked us to come tomorrow and the other one I was able to teach. Count it: 3 new investigators. Then I went and taught another investigator and she referred me to her cousin. We taught her a lesson and chalk another new investigator up for Elder Head! All I needed was my companion to meet this one part-member and we would hit our goal..... 

He did it! 

We hit our goal and I was so happy that everything worked out. I know that the Lord blesses us as we exercise our faith and trust in Him and those that He calls as leaders. I know that the Lord blessed us and will continue to bless us as we exercise our faith. 

From the pictures that you sent mom, it looked like Dad was a big purple marshmallow ;) haha and Greg looked like he stuffed some acorns in his cheeks. Maybe you two can be gym buddies? :) 

Happy birthday Holden! Congrats on turning 12 and becoming a big boy! Now that you are about to become a deacon, you need to stop wearing your baby diapers and playing with your barbie dolls okay? :)

Love you! 

Have a great week!

Elder Head

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