Monday, February 10, 2014

Things are going pretty well!

Hello everyone! 

How are you? I'm pretty good. Things are going pretty well up in here! 

We had a pretty good week this week. Something that we have really been struggling with lately has been finding new investigators, but last week we found 8 new investigators and this week the Lord really blessed us again by helping us to find 10 NEW INVESTIGATORS. It was such a good blessing. I think that it was one of the first times in my mission that I actually found my own investigators. I think everyone in our teaching pool right now is someone that we have found since I came. I have such a strong testimony on the power of prayer and fasting. That was what I fasted for this past fast Sunday and it really has brought so many blessings to us. Now the important thing is for us to find those members who will be the best fellowshipper and then teach them the doctrine clearly and then.. WHAM! Baptism! :) 

We had a Branch Missionary Fireside this week for our branch and basically I was in charge because the other two Elder's don't know so much, so I had to do everything and I was SO stressed. But it turned out pretty good. We had something like 50 people attend, about half of which were investigators or potential investigators. 

Haha other than that, the week was pretty normal. We did get a pretty good referral from a sister living in a town outside of Visak called Gajuwaka. She is pretty good. I called her and invited her to our Branch Missionary Fireside and she came! She is new to town and she is looking for friends, however, she still has not shifted into our area. Hopefully this week or next week she will shift. Also another self-referral is shifting into our area and so hopefully she will shift this week and then we will snag her! 

Things are looking up. I'm finding that the Lord truly blesses us as we strive to do EVERYTHING that we can. He wants us to succeed in His work and when we diligently work with all our heart, might, mind, and strength, then the Lord labors with you. (Jacob 5:70-75) I'm so grateful for all the Lord's blessings, especially missionary work! 

President Berrett is coming this week and I have an interview with him today at 2:45! Hopefully things go okay.. :) 


Elder Head

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