Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!! 
Well, here in India it is Christmas Eve and the highlight of the day will be writing this letter! 
So, this week was a tough week. Things in my area are regressing a lot and so we are just doing our best to stay afloat. It's okay though. I listened to a talk from Elder Holland called the Inconvenient Messiah. He talks a lot about how life won't be easy. As a missionary, I applied those same principles to missionary work. Obviously, nothing will be easy or even comfortable, but as we continue to work hard and keep pressing forward, then we will be able to succeed (2 Nephi 31:20). 
I'm going to be very frank with you. Christmas here is kind of boring. It's a minor holiday since Christianity is not the major religion, so not too much goes on. It's nice though, since it helps me to remain focused on the work. Being somewhere where I was surrounded by all the Christmas things would make me really homesick, but being here it doesn't too much! It's really nice! Also, I didn't get my package yet, but it doesn't worry me. It doesn't feel like Christmas, so a Christmas package would not make much sense.. ;) 
This week hopefully will be a better week. The branch really really wants the missionaries to do a skit for their Christmas activity tonight, but I REALLY don't want to. We just put on this large fireside like a month ago and they want us to do even more. It's really annoying, but whatevs. We'll do it anyway. 
I hope Christmas is good for everyone. I have really been able to focus on the life and mission of the Savior this Christmas and it has brought more meaning to me. So often, people look at Christmas as a commercial holiday, but it is so much more than that! Christmas time is where we reflect and remember the birth and life of the Savior. I would encourage all of you to remember the  true meaning of Christmas and let that play the largest part in each of your lives over this holiday season. 
Have fun and stay safe! 
Elder Head

Christmas meditation??

Ryan's comp prays while Ryan signals Kyle VanNoy's first touchdown in the BYU bowl game :)

Ryan's comp signals Kyle VanNoy's 2nd touchdown in the bowl game....while Ryan is
overcome with emotion that the BYU defense won the game ;)

Elder Head...Gangnam style??!!

Merry Christmas from INDIA!!

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