Monday, December 3, 2012

Ay Carumba!!! When cardboard solicitation signs don't work...try using cobras???

Hello everyone!!
This week, I'll start my letter off with a terrifying story! So it was actually today, December 3, and for our district activity we were going to go to a town called Yanam, like 30 km's away. So before we got on the bus to go, we went to an ATM to get some cash so I can pay for stuff. As we are waiting for the people in the ATM office to finish, this beggar lady comes up to me with this odd looking box.... And she opens the lid and I hear this hissing noise and then this FREAKING COBRA sticks its head out of the box. I have never been so scared. And the lady keeps saying, "Annaia" (meaning brother) and asking me for money while she sticks this cobra in my face. I yelled at her and ran away. I was so scared. Luckily, they take the teeth out of those cobras so they aren't dangerous, but they are still disgusting and I hate them. 
This week was a rough week and the work was really slow. We weren't able to really find anyone this week and the investigators that we have are not progressing. SOOOO basically we are literally at rock bottom in Kakinada West. It's really frustrating, but one thing I've learned from my companion is to not let it get me down. If I let it get to me, will I be able to have the Spirit? No. So we decided that we would make the best of it while continuing to work hard and be obedient. As we continue to do everything that we can and leave the rest to the Lord, then the work will progress, just in the Lord's time. I honestly kind of feel like this is a test for me, to see if I can overcome trials and I hope I pass! 
We may be moving apartments soon and I'm kind of excited! I love Elder Newbill and Elder Taylor, but three Americans in an apartment is just a bad idea. I get distracted and waste time. If I wanted to waste my time, I'd rather waste it in America! But that's not why I'm here! So I hope that we move before Christmas and all will be well! 
Last Monday, I weighed myself and I officially have broken out of the 200 pound club. I weigh a measly 198 pounds.. The least since I was 17! It's been crazy and we work super hard and it gets really hot but I love India so much. Best place in the world aside from home! Haha one funny thing is that Elder Taylor gets really homesick and so I play "I'll Be Home For Christmas" for him to help him get over it :) I'm the worst! Haha but it is really funny so I continue to do it! 
Well, I guess I'm out of things to say. We went on exchange this week and I took Elder Newbill to my area and we were riding in an auto and we got hit by another auto. It wasn't scary at all and neither of us were hurt, but it was a little bit sketchy! Haha well, I love you all and thanks for the support! 
Elder Head

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