Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2nd Email :) Missions are great!!

Hello family and friends!
Thank you so much for all the letters and packages that you send! It feels so nice to know that I'm loved! Things here at the MTC are going well. I seriously learn so much here its crazy! We go over a lot of the same stuff, but every time, without fail, I learn something new. So this week, we had to go teach at the TRC (I don't know what the acronym stands for) and we taught two seperate non-members in three days! Now that may seem like not a big deal, but after teaching members exclusively, it was super nerve-racking because we wanted them to have a good experience with the missionaries. Ha we tried our best and it went well! Our best isn't enough but the Spirit works extra hard to make up for what we lack! Speaking of the Spirit, I am constantly uplifted. It may seem like it would be really hard to not think of home while we are here, but we are constantly preoccupied with class or teaching or stressing about teaching and all that good stuff so I don't think home very often. And when we are able to keep our minds focused on spiritual matters, all of the other things seem to not matter as much. Not saying that you guys don't matter, but I have OTHER things to worry about.. So earlier this week we got our travel plans! But we don't know if we have our visas or not... So everyone pray for us to get our visas! But we leave Salt Lake City at 11:05 AM on Monday the 16th. We land in Chicago O'Hara airport at 3:05. At 8:35 PM we fly to London Heathrow and land at 10:00 AM on the 17th. Then at 2:10 that day, we fly for 14 hours to the Bangalore Airport and arrive at 4:30 AM on Wednesday! How crazy is that! After waiting for so long, it is so weird that we are actually leaving to go to India. We have talked about it for so long and its finally about to happen and its so weird! Haha I'm way excited though! It's gonna be so hot and humid and everyone wipes their butt with their hand.. But I'm so excited! It is literally going to be an adventure.
So there was a talk that we listened to Sunday night and then we went to this movie and my companion, Elder Hyer, wanted to go listen to a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland back in 2006. We decided to go and Elder Averett and Elder Pierce (who is black, weird right?) decided to go with us so half our district went. We got there and the video started and the first thing that Elder Holland says that he hasn't prepared anything and that he is going to go entirely by the Spirit. And then he gave the best pump-up mission talk I have ever heard. It was titled, "Missions are forever." It was amazing! He told us that we are apostles with a lowercase "a." It was so cool! and then he told us that as missionaries, we are supposed to struggle on our missions but we can't go home. That was so cool! Sorry Mom.. An Apostle of the Lord said I can't go home early... ;) haha but then he told us to be happy in all that accompanies our mission. Naturally, I have a few concerns about going to a place as weird as India, but if I go being happy with all of it, it will be one of the greatest experiences of my life. What a promise! Anyway.. He continued and then he quoted a chapter of the Book of Mormon that I have been in love with lately. It's Helaman Ch. 5 and everyone should read it because it's so good! He then told us that as missionaries, we need to be bold and go out and astonish somebody. That really touched my heart. By this point I wanted to jump on a plane right then and fly to India and convert the whole country! And then he told us to teach with power and authority. We have been given power and authority to act in God's name and we need to use that power and authority to teach as many people as possible. Then, he answered a question that I had been wondering myself for a few days. Why are missions so hard? The reason its hard is because salvation is not a cheap experience. To become like the Savior, we need to struggle as He did. He then said that every mission is tough, but with faith, anything is possible! I love the gospel and the Apostles and the Spirit so much! It can turn a bad day into a good day so fast!
A quick thank you to the Osborne family for the wonderful treats they sent me. My district enjoyed them more than I did.. Haha and mom! I need you to send me some Tide-To-Go-Sticks, butt wipes so I don't have to wipe with my hand, batteries, some more zip-ties, and maybe a power inverter? They said that I might need one. I don't know. Don't get mad at me.
I got a hair cut today! She wasn't near as good as you Mom but she is the next best haircutter that I have ever had!
I love you all! Write me letters so I can look cool in front of my district when I get more letters than them.
Elder Head

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