Friday, July 13, 2012

Visa delayed...sad....Ryan called to tell us....HAPPY!

Today while making a quick lunch between hair clients at 12:27pm ;) my phone rang and the caller ID indicated Provo, UT.  I quickly answered.....on the other end I hear, "Hi mama!"  Oh my.... it was so great to hear Ryan's voice albeit only for 5 timed minutes!!  He then informed me that their visas had been delayed and would be residing in the MTC for another week.  He said that the group was a bit disappointed but they hope to have things in order soon.  He sounds great and said he is really enjoying the MTC and has had many humbling and great experiences.  He does have a bit of a head cold and so being his mom, I would love to run down and take care of him....I will refrain :)
Five minute call from missionary son = a very happy mom!  Love you Ry!

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