Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Finally.....It's Here!! The 1st Letter :)

Hello everyone!! Sorry it took so long to write.. Our P-Day isn't until Wednesday! I was worried on Tuesday that Mom would show up to the MTC when she didn't get a letter or email on Monday and when Tuesday passed I kept expecting to wake up to the PA asking me to come to the front desk and Mom would be there waiting fro me to ask why I hadn't written yet. Thanks for being patient :) haha! So the MTC is great. The Spirit here is just off the charts. Everywhere I go, I feel the Spirit. It is so crazy! The first weekend was nuts! I have never been so busy! Our set schedule keeps us constantly moving and learning and doesn't allow for a ton of free time. I put some letters in the mail and you should get those soon hopefully. That's so cool about the missionaries. I've met a ton of missionaries that are headed for Russia that totally hate the MTC because I guess learning Russian sucks. Everything came along well the first few days and then they threw us into the refiners fire. We have to go in to teach mock investigators with a simple plan that is outlined in Preach my Gospel as the first lesson. However, we aren't necessarily supposed to teach from the lesson, but to find out what each investigator needs. That sounds so simple but it really is rather difficult. On Wednesday, I got my first two companions. Yes, I started out in a trio. It was actually a really rocky first two days because the other two in the companionship don't really get along and then they both bugged me so we were in a conundrum. Thankfully, our branch president, his name is President Myers, decided to split up the trios because we had two and then a companionship of two. So I got moved from the trio and Elder Hyer and I began our companionship. Elder Hyer is from Las Vegas, or Henderson as I came to know, and he is 19. He's a really nice guy and he's funny and cool, but he is slightly nerdy. But I can deal with that. He is a really nice guy and loves to constantly read his scriptures and ponder them and then quiz me about them and tell me about them. So I'm learning a lot from him about dilligent scripture study. We have taught 7 or 8 lessons all with mixed results. Our less active's lesson went AMAZING and then later that day we met with a mock investigator man named Anthony. Anthony doesn't believe that God exists and doesn't know anything about Christ or what he did for us. He's a super great guy, but he frustrates me beyond belief because he won't do anything to know for himself that these things are true. It kills me and makes me angry, but that's one of the Christ-like attributes that I need to work on. We took an attribute assessment to determine which Christ-like Attributes we really need to work on.. Mine were: dilligence, patience, charity, and humility. Surprised? Because I sure wasn't. I kind of had an inkling that that is what was going to show up. Elder Hyer and I prayed for help on all of those things and he answered humility and is trying to answer patience. I felt so humbled after our experience with Anthony. We have 8 Elders in our district and we are ALL going to India! Six of us are going to Bangalore and the rest are going to New Delhi. I really enjoy being with them. They are all great guys and we all get along pretty well except for the two who were my original companions. They don't work together well and argue a lot. They need to talk some things out for sure.. We had such a spiritual experience on Sunday though! Ted Gibbons spoke at our Sunday night devotional and he did a one-man skit. He played as Willard Richards and discussed with us completely from memory, the Prophet Joseph Smith's last few months on the Earth. At the end, he bore an amazing testimony of the Prophet and the Spirit was so strong. Then we sang Praise to the Man. As we sang, some Elders stood up and then everyone followed suit. As we sang a simple testimony of the work that the Prophet Joseph did for this dispensation,  the organist started getting really into it and we were basically yelling the lyrics of the song. I had the chills the whole time and I had tears come to my eyes. I love the MTC. It is really difficult and challenging but there is no place that I would rather be. Heavenly Father is preparing 8 young men to become Elders and travel to India and he is not making it easy. I love my Heavenly Father so much for the opportunities that he gives me and for the wonderful family that he blessed me with. I love you all so much!

Love, Elder Head

Oh and the food here is disgusting and I don't like it.  Also, I would really appreciate a comb. Thanks! :)

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