Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ummm.....Elder, where art thou?? ;)

So Ryan has been down in the MTC for 5 days, 23 hrs, 51 mins and 34 secs :) not that we are keeping track...well apparently he doesn't have a p-day as we still haven't heard from the cute little guy!
Every time my email alert went off on my phone yesterday I thought, "yay...here's the first letter...",  but sadly nothing.  As you can imagine, I am thinking that perhaps Ryan isn't really there....maybe he's opted to live in a van down by the Provo River!  Well we got a phone call last night from bishop asking if we'd read Elder Farnworth's latest blog post.  We hadn't but then quickly looked it up!  Alas....there has been a Ryan sighting!!  He is really down there and Zac has talked to him!  So happy to read about this and yes, we are still patiently waiting for his "first letter".  For the love...please let his p-day come soon!
Love you Ryan!

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