Monday, August 27, 2012

Kakinada 3rd email

India is 12 hours ahead of us here in the USA so Ryan's emails come through at like midnight or 1 am....but today I woke up at 5am and checked our email and NOTHING from our elder!!  My mind starts racing and worrying about the various reasons for not getting one.....then at 6 am it finally arrives!!  Power outages!! I have added some photos too as we finally were able to figure out a website that allows for easy uploads.....a win win for sure!

So this week was a crazy week. On Wednesday, my trainer went to a Leadership Conference in Hyderabad and left me all alone to fend for my area. So I, being brand new, had to guide the other two Elders all around my area! The advice that the Zone Leaders gave us to find new people was to get lost. So I figured I would take that to heart and get us  REALLY lost. However, getting lost on the way to an appointment with an investigator just isn't as productive as getting lost while finding. Anyways, I made it through the 3 days he was gone and didn't lose any investigators! :) This week was a downer week.. 6 investigators lost their baptismal dates which is a total bummer. However, they all are so interested in the church and following Christ that they try really hard, which is nice. I'm getting more and more comfortable here. I can even talk on the phone with a member, set up a member present lesson, and ride my cycle to our appointment AT THE SAME TIME. I'm getting TOO good at this missionary stuff! Haha ;) but another thing.. I am officially the Kakinada Branch pianist! I am the only person here who can play so I now play in Sacrament, priesthood, and relief society! So I get to practice all the time! Which is really nice. Today, I bought dad and Mitch a present. It's called a Loongie (I don't know how to spell it) but it's like a kilt. It's a man-skirt! Naturally, I bought two for myself, but they are so comfortable since it is so hot here! I'm sweating less and less, but I still sweat so much. And I cried for the first time on last Monday. We had a lunch appointment and the curry wasn't super spicy but there was a little green chili that I ate and it literally was the hottest thing I have ever eaten. I started dripping sweat and tears were just flowing. It was so embarrassing, but it took my appetite away. So unfortunately I couldn't eat anymore ;) haha well I've got to get going pretty soon. Hopefully, I will get my first baptism soon! This 16 year old girl is investigating the Church and wants to be baptized, but her father doesn't feel too fond of the church, but we hope that his countenance will change as he listens to the message that we bring. Even if he doesn't get baptized, our hope is that he will let his daughter be baptized. Fingers crossed! Haha but I love you all so much! I'm so blessed to have amazing family and friends that boost me up! I'll try to send pictures but I forgot my cords and I don't know if the internet cafe guy has any, so we'll see.. But congrats on getting playing time Mitch! Maybe if you are lucky, you will be half as good as I was. Thanks for the letter Grandma! It was great to hear from you! Also, thanks Grant! 
Tell Cole good luck for me and that I know he will do great. Tell Edward that I love him. 
Elder Head <3 :) 
P.S.: I hope I answered some questions, but there are so many that I can't answer them all.. (Hint, hint) :) I love you!

The "cycle"

Full view of the Gandhi statue!
We wondered who this statue we know!

"Lovely" clean restroom.....but I am not
seeing any toilet paper holder :(

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