Monday, September 3, 2012

Kakinada - September 2, 2012

We received Ryan's email last night & we were able chat with him for a few minutes :)  This is what we found out from him.  He had to buy a new wallet......rupees don't fit in the money clip as well as he'd hoped :)  P-days are super busy. He shops at a store called Spencer's that has some American food to eat....Top Ramen, Peanut Butter and Jelly, corn flakes and weird milk.  He's lost about 10 pounds since his arrival in India.  His companion loves to cook and is thus deemed the apartment chef. He is loving curry but says that we were eating it wrong in America when we went out for Indian food prior to his departure for his mission. There are 4 Elders that live in the apartment which is nice as Elder Taylor is from here in Utah as well. He loves serving the people in India.  He is so focused and busy that it leaves very little time to think about home...we are so happy to hear this :)  We are hoping that Ryan will begin to include himself in more of his photos :)   

This week was a fairly good week! It's actually been kind of a struggle lately. The main language here in the state of Andhra Pradesh (On-dra Pra-desh) is Telugu and so everyone speaks Telugu, but not everyone speaks English. Unfortunately for me, I speak English, but no Telugu. So when we go out to go knock doors, I usually can't say very much because here in Kakinada isn't exactly a developed town so there are a lot of Hindus who speak no English. So I guess I'll just have to learn Telugu :) haha but we have been struggling with finding investigators that speak English and some of the families that we have been teaching have been struggling with what we are teaching and so it's just been frustrating to not be able to help them. However, we did have many good things that happened this week! We got 3 investigators set for a date on September 16 and they are a really good family, but the dad does not want them to take baptism. So we're hoping that soon we can meet with him and help him see how having the restored gospel of Jesus Christ will bless them and their family. 
My companion left me on Friday to go on Zone Leader exchange in Rajahmundry and so one of the ZL's (mission slang) came to Kakinada and once again, I was in charge of our area! I'm getting more and more comfortable here each day and the members really like me! It's somewhat because of my skin color, and somewhat because I'm a missionary, but I'll take what I can get. Also, being able to play the piano has really increased my popularity. I now have 6 members that want me to teach them to play the piano. Haha it makes me laugh because they think I'm way good, but I can mostly only play with one hand on most songs. And some others want me to help them with English. I'm just so good at everything that I do that they all want my help! ;) 
I'm glad Cole is entering the MTC this week, he will do so good. Be happy with your companion Cole and you will do great! At the same time, I feel sorry for Edward. He is going to get really good at XBOX though while he waits to leave. So there are benefits! Haha well, I've got to get going soon, but I'm so grateful for this work! It's such a blessing to me and I know that it will be a blessing for the people of India. 
I had an "I'm in India" experience yesterday. I saw two little kids holding hands while pooping in the gutter. Welcome to India! :) I love it here! I can poop anywhere and it is totally fine. Haha just kidding! 
Happy birthday on Saturday dad! Eat a piece of cake for me! How old are you now, like 50?  Haha! But seriously, how old are you? I can't remember. Have a good week! 
Elder Head :) <3

Elder Vaiphei - Ryan's comp

District conference in Rajahmundry

Elder Vaiphei

Elder Head's 1st Fast Sunday in India - only 21 more :)

Ryan modeling his "manskirt"

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  1. This is my favorite post so far! What a funny kid-glad he's doing well. He will love having this blog when he gets home. Good job to you & keep up the good work, Ryan!