Monday, September 17, 2012

Kakinada 1st Baptism - September 17

So much happens here in a week and I only have ONE HOUR to think and say everything that happened. Not enough time, but here it goes! Yesterday we had on e of our investigators who had been designated as an "eternal investigator" was baptized! It was so good! My companion performed the baptism and I am going to confirm on this upcoming Sunday. SCARY! Anyways, we should be having three more baptisms from our area this week which is so nice! Our area hasn't had any baptisms for over a month so having these 4 is so good. I had another exchange this week and it is starting to feel like I have 3 companions instead of just one. I had to go with the Zone Leader in my area again because he had to interview our investigators since Elder Vaiphei is the district leader. I really like him, but all of our investigators are starting to become very confused as to who is my real companion. Anyway, that was good and they all passed which was very good and Elder Penumuru (Zone Leader) told us that we did a very good job which was really nice to hear. It is so fun for me to see this family be baptized. I have been here since day 1 with them and I have seen the changes that come into their lives as they accept this wonderful gospel that we have. I also see miracles and I'm just so grateful that I am able to be here.
I am to the point where I slightly gag when I think of Top Ramen and I salivate when I think about eating Biryani or Naans....Haha I love the food here! It is so good! The people here love us so much and so every appointment we go into they always give us some snacks and drinks. I have actually had to refuse cookies and drinks because I am so full all the time. I have truly been changed.
The weather this week was SO HOT. And we have been expecting rain and so it was slowly building all week and the humidity was just through the roof. I was sitting in a home with two fans going and I was still dripping with sweat. But I'm used to it now and everyone thinks one of two things: that it is really funny that Elder Head sweats a lot or that Elder Head is deathly sick and so he needs medical attention. It might be both but I'm not sure :) 
That's okay about the gospel art books.. We can't get them here because they closed the distribution center here so maybe you can send one while I am in Washington DC when I am getting my visa renewed. We will see. 
Interesting news about the upcoming week: there is a huge cricket match this week! hahaha Everyone here loves cricket so much and they think that it is the best sport ever. However, none of them know about American football and therefore do not know how wrong they truly are. Elder Taylor played at Juab and so we talk about football sometimes and that is always fun. Also, there is a big Hindu festival this Wednesday called the Ganesh festival. I have no idea what it is for but all I know is that they push beautiful statues into the ocean. We may have to stay inside for that one, but we will see.
Anyways, I'm so grateful to be here and to be with my companion. Best companion ever. I'm trying so hard to get along with him and the members and I can see the benefits that come from it. Turns out I'm really not that hard to get along with. Who knew? 
I love and pray for you every day! Thanks for being the best! 
Elder Head

PS if you haven't sent the package with the USB music, put Christmas hymns and church Christmas music on it because I want it! 

1st Baptism!  Elder Head, Kakinada Branch's newest member & Elder Vaiphei

We loved the reference in Ryan's letter that he has to go to Washington DC to renew his visa.....WHAT??  WHEN??  So I guess when we find out......a family vacation to DC would be in order :)  I mean he really does need the Gospel Art Books so why not hand deliver them??  Plus Jeff and Mitch have never been to DC :) :)  If only...........

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