Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012!!

Hello everyone!
So this week was much better than the last week! It was a weird and crazy week but I loved it! 
So.. I met Mission President on Tuesday and that was good. He is such a great guy and I'm very grateful that he is leading our mission. Then, one of our zone leaders was made an Assistant, so Elder Penumuru came with us to Kakinada and we were with him for three days while he waited for his companion to come! We got so much done and it was a crazy three days because I went with him and Elder Vaiphei (he didn't get transferred) went with a member. It was good and very productive.
Then, he interviewed some of our investigators for baptism that we were planning for the 21st, but Mission President and Elder Penumuru felt as though they should be baptized on the 14. So we had like 2 days to plan a baptismal service and do the paperwork for them. It was very stressful, but we had a wonderful baptism service on Sunday where we baptized a family of 4. The children have been coming to church for 9 years and were finally baptized! It was very good!
This week we had the opportunity to watch General Conference and it was so good! I love Conference and being able to hear the Apostles and Prophet speak! It was doubly nice to hear them speak in an American accent since all I hear is Indian accents ;) haha just kidding! But my favorite talk was in the Sunday Morning session by President Eyring! It was super good! Watching away from home was weird, but I enjoyed really focusing on the talks! One of the talks made me miss my mom so bad! He spoke about loving his mother so much and it made me miss my mom so much! I love you mom! 
The work here is progr 
Power cut until 6, couldn't finish. Love you!
Elder Head

We were happy to hear that Ryan had a better week....we would have loved to hear a little more but unstable power negated that :(  When Ryan talks about the constant power outages....I can't help but to pause and be so grateful to live here in America....I love electricity and clean water....we are truly blessed!  <3 <3

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