Monday, October 29, 2012

4 Month Mark - Officially Trained :)

Hello family!! and anyone else that reads this..
I officially am no longer a trainee! I finished training on Saturday! and I've been out for over 4 months now!
This week was a pretty good week, but at the same time it sucked really bad. We'll start with the good!
So this week we had a couple be baptized! They are so awesome. They are in their twenties and they are dentists. Everyone in the branch is pretty excited because they are getting a new couple who speak good English! They could potentially be branch presidents and Relief Society president. So that was really good. The baptism service was really good and that was a good way to end the week. 
Also, we went to Rajahmundry on Monday night, stayed over night in the Zone Leader's apartment, and then had Zone Training meeting on Tuesday. President Funk was in charge and did some really good training. It was really good to hear from him. He is SO spiritual and I would not be surprised if he was called to be a General Authority. No joke. Then, Elder Vaiphei and I had an exchange because we hate each other. Just kidding! Wednesday we had baptismal interviews so Tuesday we headed back to Kakinada. Elder Smith was my companion and Elder Vaiphei stayed in Rajahmundry until Friday morning. Wednesday we were inside all day because of some Hindu festival so we had FOUR Americans in an apartment. It was SOOOOO fun! We had a fish curry on Thursday (yuck) and it was terrible (for real) but the family loves me and calls me a son. Hopefully, they will be baptized in November.
So the bad part is that we missed 3 days of proselyting. Thursday was our first day and we had so many bunked (missed) appointments because  people are "busy" or have "work." Liars! And we dropped like 6 families and we could not find ANYONE! So right now we are teaching like no one. So this week we are going to find people like crazy! 
Church was good, I had to teach Primary again though. It's funny. I remember not liking teaching primary at home, but I absolutely loved it here. It was such a struggle but I loved it. The mission is changing me! haha! 
Well, I don't really have too much else to say.. I love you all and am grateful for you and all the support I get! 
Elder Head

Utah Elders in India!

Wow! Who knew that BYU had a campus in India :)
The mascot looks a little different though!

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