Monday, November 5, 2012

An Electrifying Week in India!!

Hello everyone!
I'm happy to say that I am alive and well, however, this week was still a tough week for finding new investigators. It's like every house we go to is a Hindu home (weird, right?) that is NOT interested in Christianity. That's okay though. They usually are pretty nice about telling us no, so that makes it a little easier to accept rejection. We got yelled at two times and I got told to get a real  job. Selling salvation isn't a "real job" to people I guess.. Haha!
This week was a good week. We got fed like four times which is good, but also is very bad at the same time. Their portions here are HUGE and it is all rice and stuff so it's just straight fattening. Then, on top of it, it has been a really cool week and very rainy. There was a cyclone that hit Chennai and Nellore (Naylore) and the aftermath landed here. It was just really, really rainy. Some of the member's homes here were flooded and there were snakes swimming in the water. SCARY. But it was really cool. One scary experience, but a really cool one. (Mom, don't freak out, I'm fine.) We were at an investigators home trying to air dry with our wet clothes on and we were under a pavilion. It was really bad storm, so there was thunder and lightning. All of a sudden, lightning struck the transformer that was like 30 feet away and I watched this line of electricity come and stop right in front of me. It made my heart pound so much and the hairs on my arm and neck stand up, but luckily it only got close. I know that the Lord was watching over and protecting us. It was a close call, but lightning looks really cool up close.
Haha well, I'm also officially an Indian......... but that's about it this week.. Not too much was happening. We have some investigators that are 13 and 10 year's old that are obsessed with America and ask so many questions.
Tell Mitt good luck this week! 
Elder Head

New members for the Kakinada Branch

So apparently...... in India you ask the girl's brother for his sister's hand in marriage ;)

It is good to know that Ryan still likes to take "random" pictures!!  I am hoping that he has some great ones of the Indian landscape and cool meaningful ones too :)  We were able to instant message back and forth with Ryan last night.  He loves India and says that he has found a wife and is staying there his mom......I informed him otherwise ;)  We are glad that he is safe and enjoying his time in India serving the Lord.

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