Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oil & Water Never Mix ....Cooking 101 :)

Hello everyone!
This week was a good week! We got a lot done, had some funny moments, and did some good work! 
We got to go to Rajahmundry (again) for Zone Training! It was a really good meeting. I really like the Zone Leaders that we have. They are just generally fun people to be with and they are such good missionaries. We learned a lot and we had a lot of participation from the missionaries, so the Spirit that we felt was really strong. Then, on Wednesday, Elder Taylor and I went on an exchange in his area and it was really fun! Having an American companion in India is like giving a pyromaniac a match. Haha it was a blast. We got some good work done, and so much fun at the same time. I love my Indian companion, but there is something different about having the American!
This week the work went well. After struggling so much to find new investigators, we finally found some new families to teach! One of them plays the keyboard, so if we baptize him, then I don't have to play in Sacrament anymore ;) fingers crossed!! This next week we have a family being baptized. They have these two little girls (ages 13 and 10) that love Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Even in India I can't get away from JB and SG. Haha but they are really funny and love America so much. I love that family! 
A funny cooking story for you, Mom! On Sunday I was preparing lunch and at the grocery store I had found some frozen french fries. Naturally I bought them, and on Sunday I was going to prepare them. Elder Newbill and I were cooking in the kitchen and the directions said to place the french fries in hot oil. So I heated the oil up and put the french fries in... No one told me that they would explode!! They steamed up like crazy and it was really loud and Elder Newbill and I screamed because it was the scariest thing ever. It was really super funny. I learned an important lesson yesterday.......
I'm never cooking again. 
Well, thanks for all the love and support! I love being here so much! I'm totally blessed! Congrats to Mitch's football team for being slightly better than my team. If it wasn't for us, they would not be where they are now, just saying. Happy Birthday to Spencer! 
Good luck on the mission Ed! You are going to do so good! 
Elder Head

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