Monday, November 19, 2012


Hello Everyone!
First off, congrats to Mitch’s team for finally bringing the trophy home! I’m happy for the Jordan High football team, except for Mitchell. He doesn’t deserve a ring ;)
This week was a weird week!  On Monday, we were sitting in the apartment
after we finished Daily Planning and then, I noticed our phone was ringing and I went and looked, and.......ASSISTANTS. It was my first transfer call! They told me that I would be staying in Kakinada and that my new companion would be Elder Penumuru! The funny thing is that I had taken Elder Penumuru on like 7 exchanges and so it was really weird that he was going to be my new companion. Elder Vaiphei, my beloved trainer, is now a Zone Leader in Coimbatore! My new companion was a Zone Leader in Rajahmundry! It was a weird week and I’m excited that I have this opportunity to work with Elder Penumuru. He is way experienced and I have so much to learn from him! 
So this week Elder Vaiphei and I met with some of our recent converts and helped another family prepare for baptism, and on Friday, we got up at 5 AM to take him to Rajahmundry. I dropped him off, picked up my new companion and then met with President Funk for our interviews. He told me that he had high expectations for Kakinada! Elder Vaiphei and I had a lot of success and he expects the same. He told me that he expects me to learn things quickly and apply them to become a really good missionary. Elder Penumuru told me that President put us together so I can learn to be a leader, and that after this transfer, he expects me to be able to become a leader in the mission....Scary?! Yes.
This week we had three baptisms! It was so good and I’m way excited that we got to be there with them every step of the way. A sister and her two daughters. They are such a good family and they love me so much ;) It’s been so fun to be able to watch them progress and grow.
We had Diwali this week which is the Hindu festival of light....and noise! Everyone buys fireworks, specifically firecrackers and mortars, and sets them off. It was SO loud. We had to stay inside. No big deal. Everyone stayed in my apartment except for Elder Vaiphei.
Well, thanks for all the love and support! I love India!

Elder Head

PS.  By the way, it’s 70 degrees November! And they sell ear muffs!!

"Jordan Pride?"

Newest Kakinada members!

Elder Head and his new companion Elder Penumuru

Zone Conference in Rajahmundry

Zone Conference before transfers with Elder Vaiphei
Elder Head looks a little tired or.....
Ryan sharing the gospel with every living thing??? or maybe a pig standoff? :)

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