Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy in Hyderabad!

Hello everyone! 
Happy New Year from the giant city of Hyderabad! 
So I have been in Hyderabad since last Thursday and things are going pretty well! It's been a rough adjustment, but it is a nice place and the people are really nice here! The white skin does not have the same effect on the people here than it did in Kakinada, but it's better that way. I like being the center of attention and all, but I don't like everyone watching me all the time..
Haha so everything is going well here! My companion is Elder Nepali! He is a nice fella from Nepal, but he is a work in progress as a missionary. He was taught by his branch in Katmandhu, so he doesn't have a ton of experience with missionary work, but he has a really strong desire to serve and is very obedient so that is good! He doesn't know the area very well, so we are kind of depending on the Ward Mission Leader to help me learn the area and find us referrals so we have people to teach. The Ward Missionaries are really good and are super helpful, so I'm sure I will adjust fairly quick!
So Hyderabad is a cool place! It's really, really big! Easily the biggest city I have ever been in. To get around our area, we take buses everywhere and we have to run to catch them since they don't stop! It's so interesting and the food is really good! They have McDonald's!!!!!!! Normal people food! :) haha it's way tasty! I already went! :) 
Well, I live with another companionship and there is an American here and his name is Elder Barker. He is from Layton. The apartment is pretty nice. The area that I am in is really rich, so there are a ton of malls and shops for me to waste money at :) The ward here is really good! I met the Stake President yesterday and that was cool! And the Stake Patriarch! Really cool people. It was a cool experience. One funny thing: yesterday in EQ/RS meeting, they trained about safety and the first thing they talked about was on how to use an American toilet! It was really funny to listen to them explain how to use an American toilet! That's all they have in the church restrooms and I guess people don't know how to use them so they end up getting hurt a lot.. Haha well, I love and miss you all! 
Elder Head

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