Monday, January 21, 2013

Hyderabad - 1-21-13

Hello everyone!
Well, I like to hear that people like what I write in my letters! Everything I write, I write for you! 
Haha well.... This week was one of the toughest, most frustrating weeks that I have had so far on my mission. However, it also was the most rewarding and I received the most blessings this week than any other on my mission.
This week was so tough because almost all of the referrals we got last week were busts and none of them are interested in meeting with us and the investigators that the previous missionaries had were not progressing, so I dropped them. So the shelf was bare in the investigator aisle in Elder Head's grocery market. So we didn't have anyone to teach and the members were all out of station this week because of the Hindu festival. So basically we were scrambling to get anything done. This happened up until Friday, when I went on exchange with my district leader. He understands the frustration and struggles that I have been having and wanted to try to help. I learned so many things from him! His name is Elder Wadsack-Stewart. I took the things that I learned from him and applied it to my situation in my area and poof! Blessings came! We were able to find 5 new investigators and 9 or 10 other potentials on Saturday and two of them came to church. Like Alma, I was in the gall of bitterness.. I didn't understand why President would put me with a companion who was green and why I basically needed to whitewash the area. I was angry and frustrated and above all, stressed. I have these high expectations for myself and I want to achieve them, but I couldn't. Then, also like Alma, as I relied on the Savior and put my trust and faith in him, He blessed me. My happiness was greater than my sorrow. It makes no sense, but I am so grateful for trials. They truly make us stronger! 
Other than that, not too much happened.. It was an angry week until yesterday and nothing too funny happened (sorry to disappoint) so that's my letter! 
Thanks for the support and I love you all! 
Elder Head 

View outside his apartment

Elder Nepali and Elder Head 

Small dots in the sky are kites flying during the Hindu Kite Festival
The Elders had to stay inside all day.

Elder Nepali

Silhouette Elder Head

Busy streets in Hyderabad

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