Monday, January 14, 2013

Hyderabad 1-14-13....added bonus pictures from Kakinada!

Hello everyone!
Well, it's been another week here in Hyderabad! I can't believe that I have already been a 1/3 of the way through the transfer! It's good, but it feels like I just barely got here!
This week was a pretty good week, I guess! We had some pretty good referrals coming in and we were able to teach some of our investigators and find some new ones which was nice. It makes being new here a little bit easier to have a good first week of finding new investigators. 
Some interesting things happened this week! So here in Hyderabad, a Muslim politician got beat by the police for something and the whole Muslim society of Hyderabad got upset and they were breaking buses and beating people outside. Luckily, when all of this went down, Elder Nepali and I were in church so we were safe, and all the missionaries made it to the churches safe and sound. However, we had to stay in the Zone Leader's apartment since our apartment is an hour away from the church by bus. So we stayed with Zone Leaders for two days! It was fun and I got to know them pretty well so it was all good! Everything is safe though mom, don't worry :)
This transfer is going to be a little bit of a different transfer for me. My last area was the highest baptizing area in the mission, and the area I am in is a little bit more difficult for baptizing. In this transfer, I'm follow-up training and my companion is very, very green. He is a good guy, he just does not know how to do very much. I'm trying to teach him how to talk on the phone with people and have normal conversations and to teach lessons. It's been very taxing, but the Zone Leaders told me that President Funk gave this assignment to me because it is a very special assignment and has to be dealt with a very loving and patient missionary.... Haha that does not sound like me as patience and lovableness are not my best traits, but I'm honored to have the opportunity to be with him. It's helped me grow a lot having to do EVERYTHING. I like it. Hyderabad is cool and the ward is really good so it's just a cool experience. 
Well, thanks for all the love and support! I hope everything is going well over there in the ol' United States! I love you all!
Elder Head

Here are some pictures that Sister Wigg, a couple called to serve in the mission office, took when she and her husband Elder Wigg visited Kakinada in December.  These photos are so awesome....they capture the essence of this area....and are different from the ones that cute Ryan sends us :)  

Elders Head, Newbill, Penumuru and Taylor

Mission chat in their apartment

Elder Head is enjoying his mission experience and it shows :)


And we thought an SUV was needed to transport our groceries from Costco! This must require tremendous balancing act. I love this photo!


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