Monday, February 4, 2013

Hyderabad 2-3-13

Hello everyone! 
This week was a pretty boring week.. 
Monday and Tuesday we were in all day long because of the political bunds (strikes) that were going on here, but everything was just fine. There was a little bit of tension but nothing that affected us too much. It was just really super boring. They have a Church History in the Fullness of Times book in our apartment. I think that it is from BYU but I'm not sure.. Anyways, I read that in two days :) it's like 649 pages long.. I was that bored! But really it was super interesting. The early missionaries of the church are really an inspiration. Most places that they went the missionaries were beat or scolded all the time. I have never been beaten on my mission so far and I have only been scolded a few times.. So I guess that my experience is a tad bit easier than theirs, but it is also similar! The church here is so young and small that it feels like a different world, but its all good! 
We had one brother we were supposed to baptize this week, but he has to meet with President Funk for some personal problems so we weren't able to baptize him this week.. Each day he has called me and asked when his interview will be and when he will be able to be baptized. He is super. I hope President Funk comes soon. 
Things are going well here! We think that transfer calls are going to come soon, but we don't know for sure. This week was a good week for members and us. Previous to this week, we had only been fed by the Bishop's family, but with some careful finagling on my part, I was able to score us two dinner appointments and a lunch appointment for us this week. I'm the man! :) Haha but I feel like things here are going well. The ward is gaining more trust in us and is really starting to help us in missionary work. I hope that that drive continues and that people continue to help the missionary work here grow. 
I love being a missionary! I'm almost at 8 months on my mission.. Crazy! It only feels like yesterday that I was packing all my stuff to enter the MTC. Anyways, there is one scripture I read today that I really liked and I figured that I would share it with you all. It's Matthew 13:44 and it says, "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field." This is something I have especially found so far on my mission. People are waiting for the treasure of the gospel, and when we meet and teach them, they are overjoyed and leave all bad habits or their past behind and fully live the gospel standards. I love being here in India and the chance that I have to share the gospel. Thanks for all the love and support! 
Especially a shout-out to Holden! I'm pretty sure that this week is his birthday! Happy Birthday Holden! Thanks for all the letters! 
Elder Head

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