Monday, March 11, 2013

Hyderabad 3-11-13

Hello everyone!
The most important thing though....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU! DON'T LET DAD TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE OLD. (you can still take him) 
This week was a rough week but I'm happy still! It was a rough week because of the bomb blasts, things here in Hyderabad are on high alert. The police are outside in full force checking all bags, lunch boxes, and cars and bikes. It's crazy! They are targeting foreigners and so President Funk has advised us all to not wear our bags this week.. Haha so I'm carrying only a Book of Mormon. I kind of feel like an old missionary back in the early days of the church, crying repentance using only the Book of Mormon. It's cool. 
Because of all the restrictions, we are still not allowed to do personal finding and I decided this week that we would have to drop some investigators and so our teaching pool is very less. We don't have a ton of people to teach and so right now we are focusing on helping our less-actives and inactives come back to church. Its good! One of the members we have been working with has been coming to church lately and yesterday he spoke in sacrament so hopefully he will continue to stay active! That's about all there is. We are just walking around Hyderabad going lost sheep finding which is harder than finding new investigators. It's okay though. 
Yesterday was a Hindu festival so we had to stay inside.. It is so frustrating! But like I said, I'm happy. It's weird. Even though it is so frustrating and stressful, and our numbers suck, yet I know that I'm doing all I can. That's what brings peace to me because I know and God knows that I'm working hard and giving everything. We all need to serve him with everything that we have. See Romans 12:1 and cross-reference Mosiah 2:34 and Mosiah 4:11. That's what I did in my personal study today. Well, I love and thank all of you for the support that you give me. Continue on in the faith! 
Elder Head

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