Monday, April 1, 2013

Hyderabad - Easter/Holi Festival 2013

Hello everyone! 
Thanks so much for all the nice emails! I'm getting so many that it is hard to respond to all of them! ;) So sorry if I don't respond to all of them, every time. 
This week was a tough week! We finally had all the restrictions lifted in Hyderabad so we finally could go finding, which is nice, however we didn't find ANYONE this week. My area is kind of tough because it is in the richest part of the city and so the houses are huge. To knock on a door, first we must knock at the large gate that all the houses have. Then, we must talk to the security guard who usually don't speak English and convince him that we are not salesman. Then if we can get through the gate, then we must knock on the door and explain to this very rich Indian person who we are and what we do. The appeal of white skin has no effect on these people because it doesn't matter to them. And so finding is a little difficult, but I think we may split our area again. President Funk has asked us to focus our efforts on centers of strengths and so we will probably be shifting our area so we can help strengthen our areas of strength. Which is nice! 
Things with Elder Nepali are okay. I have lived with him for 3 months now. I have been very patient and I'm still trying, but he makes it so hard! I can do it, but I would really appreciate a transfer. Our area is okay. It's struggling a little bit, but we have worked a lot with our less actives and recent converts which has been helping. Our sacrament attendance has fluctuated up and down, however the numbers continue to rise and maintain. We met one less active family that didn't recognize who we were when we showed up at their home. I explained what we did and the mother finally recollected.. It was funny. 
I spoke yesterday about the Resurrection in sacrament meeting and it was really good. I focused a lot on the Plan of Salvation and the hope that it brings to each of our lives. I shared my experience that I had last week about finding out about Grandma Alice's cancer and the Spirit was really strong. It was cool and I hope that it touched a few people's lives. 
I hope Easter was nice for everyone in the States! For all those who want to know if the Easter Bunny visits India, the answer is no. He doesn't want to get all different colors because Holi and Easter are in the same week. Poor children here.. 
Thanks for all the love and support! 
I love you! 
Elder Head

This is Ryan 2 years ago at the Festival of Color 2011! Now fast forward 2 years and he lives in the country where Holi Festival (festival of color) originated........hmmm who would have thought :)  
Holi Festival in India

Festival of Color.... for reals!!

Festival of Color in India 2013.......Elder Head looks colorless ;)

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