Monday, June 10, 2013

Bangalore 6-9-13

Hello everyone! 
First things first.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! I know that today is the 10th, but emailing yesterday was not an option so... I still love you though! Also, Happy Fathers Day Dad! 
I have a little bit of a funny thing to tell. I got a mail from Elder Taylor who is now in the Phillipines and he bumped into the famous Elder Jeong! They both emailed me and talked about it. Its pretty funny. I seriously hope that I get to go to Ed's mission. That would be so fun to see him halfway around the world! 
This week was a pretty good week. I got to go to Hyderabad to do my second passport stuff and we left Tuesday morning, got there Tuesday morning, and then had some training stuff on what we were supposed to say. Then I went on exchange with the Elder's in West Marredpally 1st Ward (my last area) and I got to visit my converts! I hope they got baptized this week, but Elder Britton hasn't sent me any news yet. Anyways, it was very fun to see them and get to hang out with them for a little bit. Then Wednesday we went to do the passport stuff and they didn't even ask us any questions so that was really easy. It took only twenty minutes. Then I went on exchange with the Zone Leaders in Hyderabad and that was pretty fun. I was close with them so it was really enjoyable. Thursday morning we flew out and resumed missionary work in Bangalore! I know that I am supposed to be here though. Being in Hyderabad was fun, but I really just feel at home here (for now). 
Church this week was really good. We had a baptism service for one of our investigators and that went pretty well. Church was good. I miss knowing everyone, but still it was pretty fun to be here and observe how things work. 
I want to share a cool experience from last week. So when you travel in India by air, you need to have identification to get through security. My passport was with the senior couples in Hyderabad and I was flying from Bangalore, so I didn't have any identification. If you don't have any, then they don't let you fly. So I only had a xerox copy of my passport, but they don't allow copies. So basically I was in trouble. I said a prayer in the cab so that the Lord would soften their hearts and allow me to go and finish the work in Hyderabad and the Lord answered my prayer! It was really cool and they let me through without any problems. 
I love India! 
Elder Head

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