Sunday, June 30, 2013

ONE Year.....complete!! Birthday package finally arrived :)

Hello everyone!! 
HAPPY YEAR MARK! I can't believe that one year is finished! I still feel like a brand new missionary, but after seeing all the missionary noobs in the Worldwide Leadership Training I felt much older than where I was at one year ago!  :)
This week was a really good week missionary work wise. We found a bunch of people last week and after carefully following up and reminding them about their baptism dates, we had 9 people come to church yesterday! And 7 of them have baptism dates! Two of them will be baptized this week, 2 on the fourteenth, and there is another family of 5 that we are working on for the twenty-first and some others  that we are working on to get in the last week of July. Unfortunately I won't be here for any of those! That's okay though! The numbers don't matter. I'm just really happy that we found a bunch of prepared people. 
I got my birthday package... Thanks so much! I share with everyone because if I keep them all for myself I will gain all the weight that I lost here! The new glasses are great, but they are a little different from my other pair.. It's okay though. My companion got sick this week and then he got the other companionship sick, but I haven't gotten it yet so hope and pray for me that I don't get sick! 
I really really liked that Worldwide Leadership Training.  The missionary work really would explode if the members were as helpful as they were in the videos. ;) Haha just kidding! I know that the members work hard, but if we jointly worked together then nothing could stop this work! I love missionary work! 
Elder Head

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