Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Ryan!! 6-17-13

Hello everyone! 
Thanks so much for all the people who wished me a happy birthday! And for all of you who haven't yet, you still have one day! 
Haha so this week was a pretty normal week here in Bangalore. Things with my companion are really good. Elder Alosias is a really good missionary and especially he is a really fun and funny guy so being with him is more of a present from the Lord than I deserve. I am really grateful that I get to be with him. The days just fly by and it is really sad because we won't be companions after I go to the Philippines. So we found out that we will be flying from India on July 10 to the Philippines and that just happens to be right on the transfer schedule for the North Quezon City Mission so fingers crossed, I will be able to serve with Ed! 
Haha anyways, church this week was good. Nothing really eventful happened except that all the American families that are living here are leaving tomorrow and then Elder Fitzpatrick and I will be the only two Americans in the branch again. Yay! I love all the attention ;) 
I don't really have any big plans for my birthday.. We have district meeting and then I'm going to take my district out for a nice lunch (thanks for the money) and then we will be off doing the Lord's work. Nothing stops the work from progressing here! 
Well, I don't really have too much else to say. Things here are great. I love being a missionary! 10 days until I finish my year mark.... CRAZY! 
Elder Head

We can't believe that Elder Head has been out on his mission for nearly a year already! We were able to email back and forth with him for a little while last night....which was nice because we haven't done so for a couple of weeks :)  We sent Ryan his birthday package on May 23rd and sadly he has yet to receive it but hopefully it will show up before he leaves for his visa renewal trip!! We love you Ryan!! As per Indian tradition Elder Head will be taking his district out to lunch tomorrow for his birthday :) Wow!! 20 years old tomorrow.....where has the time gone!?? 

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