Monday, June 24, 2013

Not registered in Bangalore??? 6-23-13

Hello everyone! 
This week was not a very exciting week.. Birthdays on the mission just aren't as exciting as they are at home. For my birthday, I took us to an Indian restaurant called Feast. I took my district: Elder Fitzpatrick, Elder Singh, and Elder Alosias. The food was pretty good and the price in rupees was expensive but in dollars it was cheap! Before that we cut cake, had pancakes, and then made another cake that we bought from the store! They had Betty Crocker, but the power here isn't the best and the power cut during the cakes baking time and so it didn't really cook all the way.. But we still ate it! 
In other news, I tried to register here in Bangalore to be legally residing here and they won't let me register! I hate it! But it's okay. Sunday was good this week. Church was pretty good. The other elders had a baptism so we stayed for their service and then after that we made lunch (of the preparation I was of integral importance...) and then we went out proselyting. We had a couple of kids show up at the church and so we went to their house after lunch and taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel. It was a really good lesson that we had and the Spirit was there. In these times as we teach and the Spirit is there, my testimony of the truthfulness of the work that we are doing grows. 
As soon as we finished that lesson we received a call from our branch president, President Prince, telling us that there was a brother in the church who wanted to be baptized so we got on a bus and went to the church to meet this brother. We taught him and his wife (who is from a Hindu background) about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what He expects from us. That also was a really good lesson and they asked us after the lesson how soon they could be baptized..... It was really cool! We set them with a date for July 14.... 4 days after I leave. I am really sad, but I'm excited to go to the Philippines. 
Things here on this half of the world are good. I didn't get my birthday package yet.. Hopefully it didn't get lost! But I hope everything there is going great! Love you! 
Elder Head

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